• Your Personal Guide to a More Beautiful Home

  • Consultation

    As your local professional flooring experts, we have numerous options, styles, designs, etc. that your flooring service can be overwhelming. That is never our intention. Coming up with your ideal flooring solution should be fun and exciting, a chance to revamp your home. Therefore, if you are ready to begin a journey on new flooring options – we are happy to help. Our flooring specialists will gladly meet with you, discuss flooring options, preview examples, explain style choices, and go over your budget. To schedule an in-home consultation, contact our office today! A consultation does not mean a purchase. We are more than happy to meet with you, discuss options, and go from there.

    Wondering about how to get your flooring materials to your home? We deliver it! Our professionals can walk you through the buying process, discuss options, deliver your flooring, and install it!

  • Flooring Installation & Flooring Repair

    When it comes to flooring installation, there are several ways to install wood, tile, and carpet. Nailing, gluing, and stretching are the most widely used installation processes. Your floors are what hold everything in your house – it is important to get this installation correct. Therefore, trust your local flooring installation experts at The Carpet House for a successful solution. We specialize in various installation methods and the differences are:

  • Nail-Down: this is the most common way of hardwood flooring installation, and uses a specific technique, blind nailing, which guarantees that the wood planks are properly nailed to your subfloor. We use tongue and groove planks which ensure you never see the nails in your hardwood flooring.

    Glue-Down: this is a popular option for carpet and tile, but sometimes wood floors, too. We utilize a special glue that we slather onto your subfloor. The glue is what keeps your flooring material against the subfloor and in place. If your subfloor has dips or raises, your floor will mold itself to fit that shape. Therefore, make sure your subfloor is thoroughly examined by a contractor to ensure it has a sturdy enough surface for your flooring material.

    Stretching: our stretching technique is used to install carpet. This is a common process for carpet because it guarantees that your carpet fits tight against your subfloor. If your carpet has ripples or starts feeling loose, it wasn’t installed properly.

  • Warranty

    Most of our products come with great warranties! Here are some links to register your products and learn more about the warranties we offer: